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Puppy Application Questionnaire


Please copy and paste the questions below, add your answers, and send to



Name (required): 
Address (required): 
City (required): 
Province/State (required): 
Postal Code/Zip (required): 
Home Phone (required): 
Cell Phone:
Email Address (required): 

1) Have you ever owned a Portuguese Water Dog before? 

2) Do you prefer a male or female?  Curly or wavy coat?

3) Why have you decided to purchase this particular breed? 
4) What type of personality are you looking for in your puppy? 
5) Do all family members agree to the purchase of this puppy? 
6) Do you have young children?  If so, what ages? 
7) Do you currently own any other dogs?   If yes, please list breeds, sex and ages 
8) Do you own other pets?   If yes, what type(s) 
9) Do you Own or Rent 
10) Do you live in a House / Apartment / other?

11) Do you have a securely fenced yard? 
12) Do you have a kennel run? 
13) Do you own a crate?  What are your thoughts on crate training your puppy?
14) Where will your PWD be kept during the day?

15) Where will your PWD be kept at night?​

16) For what purpose(s) are you purchasing a PWD (Rank all that apply by number) -

  • Family

  • Pet

  • Obedience

  • Show

  • Agility

  • CKC Tracking

  • Other

17) Are you prepared to take your puppy to Puppy Classes and at least one set of Training classes?

18) How do you plan to keep your puppy/dog physically and mentally stimulated to prevent boredom, depression and unwanted behaviour?

19) Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog?  If not, why? 
20) Have you ever had a dog euthanized?  If yes, why?
21) Do you have a regular vet?  If yes, please list his/her name, address and phone number: 
22) How did you hear about us? 
23) List 2 references including name, address, email, phone, relationship to you, years known: 
Do you have any additional comments or concerns: 

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