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If you are interested in adopting one of our puppies, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Fill out our Puppy Application Questionnaire ONLY when we have announced we will be having a litter AND we are taking applications. This tells me a little bit about you .  It does not automatically put your name on our waiting list.

2) Wait for me to contact you.   I'm a busy mom and sometimes it takes some time to get back to you.

3)  This is when the difficult decisions are made by me.  These are my babies and it is very important that they are placed in appropriate, stable homes with people who will love and properly care for them.  If I feel that you would make a good adoptive family, I will ask you for a $500 non-refundable deposit so that I know you are a serious applicant.  Your deposit will be applied towards the puppy's adoption fee.  The remainder of the adoption fee will be due at the time you pick up your puppy.  As of January, 2022, our puppy adoption fee is $3000.

4)  Our adoption process is not based on the order I receive applications.  I take into account your preference for male or female, and wavy or curly coat, and make every effort to accommodate your request, but I will not place puppies based on color preference.  I spend eight weeks with my puppies and I get to know their temperaments quite well, therefore, I do my best to match my puppies with the best suited homes.  

5)  Your puppy will be ready to go home no sooner than 8 weeks of age.  By this time, they will have had their first 'good health' vet visit, appropriate deworming, their first set of vaccinations, and microchip placement.

6)  Your puppy must be picked up in person.  I do not ship puppies via cargo.  If a flight is required, I will meet you at the Calgary International Airport, so that you may fly your puppy home 'carry on'.  You are responsible for flight arrangements.



Additional Information:


To ensure our puppies have the best possible chance at a long, happy, healthy life we make sure that our breeding dam and sire:


Our puppies are sold as pet/companion under a Canadian Kennel Club Non-Breeding Agreement.  I will register your puppy with the Canadian Kennel Club and a CKC Registration Certificate will be provided to you.

I also provide a written sales agreement which describes all the terms of the sale.  Included with this is my two year, limited, health guarantee.


Every puppy owner is given a binder which contains a vet issued Health Passport and microchip number; information on the litter's dam and sire, including copies of their respective CKC (or AKC) pedigrees; the Sales Agreement / Health Guarantee; as well as information on CKC and microchip registration, feeding your new puppy, vaccination schedule, and information on appropriate exercise for your puppy.

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