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CKC#     1117431

AKC#     WS37986707

DOB:      July 17, 2011



Health Statistics:

OFA hips: PW-6887G24F-PI (Good)

OFA elbows: EL-2755F24-PI (Normal)


GM-1: PW-GM1-2698/27F-VPI



IC: Optigen #13-11034 (Normal / Non-carrier)

Status:           Retired

In September of 2011, I travelled to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit Susan and Don Myrick of Pickwick Portuguese Water Dogs, to view the puppies of the much anticipated breeding between Brella (CH Pickwick's Spoon Full Of Sugar)and Sinbad (CH Driftwood's Sinbad Latte). The puppies were beautiful with such lovely temperaments and conformation, and it was very difficult to decide which one would be coming back home with me! I would often catch 'Pink girl' (collar color) sitting and watching her other litter-mates rough housing and playing, as if to be assessing the situation before diving in. She seemed to be the 'thinker' of the group! When I would pick her up and look into those dark brown eyes she would stare back with such intense curiosity. That was it, she was mine! To this day, Demi, is still the thinker of our pack of porties... somewhat independent at times as she sums up a situation but still very affectionate and willing to please. She is a go anywhere, do anything girl - just like her dam and sire. This attitude made it easy for her to finish her Canadian Championship in only two weekends of showing...8 shows with 8 Best Of Breeds (totally undefeated)! As always, she still loves to bring me gifts such as socks, shoes and toys every time we greet, her tail wagging as she is so pleased with herself! Several times a day she insists on getting at eye level with me, proceeding to stare intently into my eyes, as if to reaffirm our human-canine bond. She is as sweet as her name implies! Good girl Demi!

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