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Rio Pedigree

CH Afortunado Buccaneer Legacy

CH Camerell's Buccaneer Beaver

Afortunado Hot Tip

CH Afortunado Expecttheunexpected

Bellalunaferncliff Mardi Gras

CH Ferncliff He's Magic

CH Seasideloveaffair

CH Sailormoon's Queen Of Hearts

CH Agua Viva's Moonlight Sonata

CH Sharmink's Lizzie

CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin

CH Agua Viva's Indira's Mirage

Timber Oaks Nicky O'Sharmink

Macduff's Maggie On The Mira

CH Sailormoon What I'm Ravin'Bout

Biley's Deao Douglas

GCH Pickwick's Jailhouse Rock

Abadessan's Marked Man At CNSand

SU  CH Gnupens Maktiga Triton

Gnupen's Elaka Judith

CH CNSand Cosmos Poetry In Ocean

CH Cartmel The Bismark

CH Cosmos Devil Or Angel

CH Pickwick Ariellas All About Me

CH Do Gato's A Cura Com Amor

CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin

CH Stargazer's Gatinha Do Algarve

Pickwick's Ariella Del Pacifica

CH Jewel De Agua Paolo

Pickwick's Gala Performance

Rio's dam, Raven:

Raven pedigree.jpg

Rio's sire, Bugsy:

Bugsy Pedigree.jpg
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