My love for animals and passion for dogs, in particular, began at about the time I could say 'puppy'! Unfortunately, having had severe allergies and asthma from about age two, animals were strictly forbidden in my parents' home. Undaunted, I acquired my first purebred dogs (Akitas) upon finishing university studies, happily living through bags of shedded fur and boxes of antihistamines. My dogs and I participated in conformation and obedience classes with the intent of starting a small breeding program alongside my dental career. Although I loved my Akitas dearly, I came to realize they weren't the ideal breed for the program I had envisioned. I still enjoyed the 'dog world' and attended dog shows where, coincidently, I met my first PWD. I was intrigued by his unique curly coat and tail carriage as well as his confident, pleasant demeanor. Shortly thereafter, I met my husband Glenn, and careers and children became the focal point of our lives. Glenn also shares his love for animals with me and agreed we should add a canine companion to our family. Our two girls also suffer from allergies and asthma so we desired a 'hypoallergenic', medium-sized, active dog with a temperament suitable to kids and other animals. I was also adamant about a breed that was people oriented and agreeable to obedience training. Several breeds fit this description but after careful consideration and research we narrowed it down to the Portuguese Water Dog. We contacted a breeder, Lesley Millar, who presented us with our first pwd, Acostar Angelo's Good As Gold (Phoenix). Phoenix became our first show dog and we were so hooked on the breed we wanted to add another to our home! After meeting with Susan and Don Myrick, we were thrilled to bring home our foundation female, Pickwick's Grant Me One Wish Aveiro (Jasmin).

Here at Aveiro, our dogs are raised and live in our home where they are well socialized with children and other pets. Our goal is to produce dogs of sound temperament and good health whether for companionship, show, performance or all of the above!

I am a member, in good standing, of the Portuguese Water dog Club of Canada (PWDCC), the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA), and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

Dana Tole

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